We offer HD quality live broadcasting for many of our programs

Experience an example broadcast

Broadcast Video Camera

Four 4k Cameras
9 Total Video Inputs

  • Multi-camera views
  • Motorized camera movement
  • Top-down view demonstration
  • Behind the scenes cameras
  • Laptop display inputs
  • Green screen sets
  • We can display video inputs in any way we want
  • We can do it all

Highly Compatible

  • Entirely web-based
  • Participants require no software downloads
  • Similar to a live YouTube video event
  • If you can watch videos online, you can participate
Combination Lock


  • Because this is not a meeting platform, we collect no participant emails. In order to adhere to any privacy laws
  • As a true broadcast and not a meeting, we are not able to record participants.
  • Participants can not record each other

Audience Interaction tools & protections

  • Q&A is completely moderated.
  • Inappropriate questions or comments are not seen by the entire audience
  • Anyone who misbehaves or gets unauthorized access and desires to cause problems is isolated.
  • “Bombing” the event like in video meetings does not happen
  • Plus all the other classic interaction tools like Polls are doable
  • Participant interaction can happen all on individual devices like mobile devices
Using a Touch Phone
Recording studio equipment


  • Our system integrates with other major platforms. If for whatever reason, you are looking to use your own platforms such as Zoom, Teams, or something else

Special Event

  • Ability to splice in pre-recorded event organizer videos such as introductions
  • We have Worked with groups in the past to bring live language translation
  • With video anything is possible

Why Educators Prefer Our Live Broadcasts 

  • Stream into individual classrooms
  • Smaller class cohorts
  • Comfortability of students
  • Reduces students not asking questions out of embarrassment
  • The majority of teachers stated that given the smaller cohort of a classroom, it also allowed them the opportunity to have further in-depth discussions with their students after our live presentation ended
  • Many teachers shared how conversations about the topics we covered continued well into the next class
Young Teacher
Technology at School

Why Students Prefer Our Live Broadcasts 

  • More engaging, from all the video inputs, displays, and effects
  • Entertaining like watching a youtube video
  • Similar to other media experiences on YouTube and Twitch
  • Some students have said due to the quality of the live video believed until the live Q&A the event was all pre-recorded

Why Event Organizers Prefer Our Live Broadcasts 

  • Reach more students
  • Learning from home & remote
  • Flexibly, can stream the event into each classroom, over a school video system, in a large theatre if available or gymnasium
  • Cost-effective
  • No setup, takedown, travel, accommodation
  • Just Simple
Team Meeting

Frequently asked questions

Live Broadcasting FAQ

How many people can participate in a broadcast?

Technically, unlimited but with limited functions. For the complete experience up to 900.

How do participants join the broadcast?

Days prior to going live, the event organizer coordinating with our office will be provided an access link and instructions to distribute to the proper people.

What technology do I need to participate?

A device with an internet connection able to play videos such as on YouTube. View our example broadcast to test.

We recommend using hardwired devices, WIFI is perfectly acceptable for most networks.

Note if many devices are streaming at the same time on the same network. If there are known issues with everyone streaming Netflix, YouTube, or other concerns connect with us and your IT department if applicable