Live Virtual Training

Nothing compares to live in-person expensive, but let's face it, travel is expansive. Either it is by plane, car, or ferry. If cost is a concern about having a White Hatter presentation, live video conferencing will significantly reduce the cost to local pricing. Modern businesses and classrooms have the infrastructure to support video conferencing, let’s use that!

It Is Not Just About Playing a Video

Live Virtual Training is not pressing the play button and streaming video, it is interaction. We live stream directly into your classroom or conference room. HD video allows you to see a member of the White Hatter Team as close as possible to the real in-person thing we can get it. With a camera on the class side, we can see you too. Ask questions, see emotions, engage similarly as if you had The White Hatter in the room with you.

Benefits of Virtual Live Training



Removing travel time and cost passes savings directly to you, achieving pricing as if you were our next-door neighbor



No physical setup or takedown so there is no need to book a space for an entire day or take up a gymnasium. Once finished, log out and get back to work



Early or late, no problem. Without looking into hotels and travel we are freer to find times that work with your schedule.

Our Live Production Studio

The White Hatter Live Studio 2
The White Hatter Live Studio 3
The White Hatter Live Studio 5
The White Hatter Live Studio 4

White Hatter Programs We Offer In Live Virtual Training

Internet Saftey For Schools Grades 4-5

Internet Saftey For Schools Grades 9-12

Internet Safety For Schools Grade 6-7

 Leveraging Media for Students Grades 9-12

Internet Saftey For Schools Grades 6-8

SM policy


  • Classroom size no more than 30 students

  • Internet access 1.2 Mbps up/down (if you can skype or Google Hangout you are good)

  • Video projection ability (projector, TV, or SMART Board)

  • Webcam, which allows us to see and interact with the class

  • Microphone (may be built into the webcam)

  • Audio (speakers)