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Live Online Consultation and Engagement Service

Virtual Consulting


The Virtual White Hatter

Live Online Consultation and Engagement Service


We are happy to announce that we now offer the ability to conduct “live” online consultations, using a variety of video platforms, where you can interact with Darren or Brandon face-to-face via real-time video conferencing from your own home or office.


We believe, this new online consultation and engagement service will change the way we can help you cope with specific social media safety and digital literacy challenges. Video conferencing is yet another digital way that we can use to reach out in a more private and intimate way, to answer questions and concerns you may have.


For parents, educators, and adults; We can help you face online challenges or have questions specific to:


  • Distribution of Intimate Images (sexting)


  • Unhealthy Use Of Social Media and Gaming Platforms


  • Online Harassment


  • Digital Peer Aggression (cyberbullying)


  • Digital Dossier / Digital Foot Print Concerns


  • Safety, Security, and Privacy Concerns


  • Teens and Their Online Activities and How Parents Can Become More Involved


  • How To Interact With Law Enforcement Specific To Reporting Online Crime


  • Or Any Other Questions Specific To Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy



Our online consultation and engagement service is exactly what you are looking for. To arrange a date and time connect with us at: or call us toll-free at 1-855-478-9119​

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