Vault App Detect Apple iOS Storage Method

Open your device

This method will work on any Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Select the Settings icon

The Settings Screen

Locate and Select the Geneal Tab

The General Settings Screen Will Look Something Similar to This

Find and Select the Storage Tab

The Storage Screen

It may take a few moments for totals to load but those are not important for this

Select Manage Storage

There are 2 “Manage Storage” tabs, select the one under Storage and not iCloud

Review the Apps

Pay attention to the names of the apps listed. Look for any words that are secretive such as “secret” “vault” “decoy” “spy” “safe” “private”

Test your skill, there is an app of concern in the picture, can you find it?

Pay Attention the Size of Apps

Some apps might attempt to hide their name and not include secretive names. Look at the size of apps and compare against others, and ask yourself, should a simple app like a calculator be the same size of apps like games?

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