Social Media Policy, Procedure & Code Of Conduct Primer


For Businesses, Not For Profits, Organizations, Teams & Volunteer Groups

Social Media Policy, Procedure & Code Of Conduct Primer

Are you a business, not for profit, sports team or volunteer group that uses social media, then our  Social Media Policy, Procedure and Code of Conduct Primer presentation is a must-have for your organization. In today’s world, social media has changed the way in which employers and employees interact with others both inside and outside of the workplace. Social Media has blurred the lines between one’s personal and professional life, and how one’s use of social media can either positively or negatively effect an organization’s reputation (branding), business interests and workplace environment. This blurring has also led to employers being sued, employees being disciplined, in some cases fired, all because of their social media use both on and off the job. Today’s organization need to ask themselves these questions when it comes to their social media: “Do we have a social media policy ?”, “Do we clearly outline how an employee can use our company’s brand online ?” , “Have we provided the appropriate use of social media training to our staff ?”, “If we allow employees to use their personal devices at work (BYOD), do we have policy dictating its use ?”.  This program is designed to provide organizations with an overview of best practices that you can implement to help prevent undesirable outcomes due to the use of social media in the workplace. This program will provide information needed to reduce liability and will recommend best practices specific to policy, procedure and codes of conduct, to help protect both the employer and employee. Topics covered in this presentation include:

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Topics Covered


The business landscape specific to social media use in Canada.

Who owns a social media account & its contents.

Canadian labour case law specific to discipline over social media use/abuse.

How the use of a personal social media account off the job, can still result in workplace discipline.

The power of a good social media policy.

What should a good social media policy look like.

What if an employee is using social media to harass other employees/customers.

Suggested guidelines for a “bring your own device” (BYOD) use in the workplace.

Recommended social media posting guidelines.

Using social media in the hiring process as it relates to provincial/ federal privacy legislation.

How to educate your employees on the use of social media to protect their interests, and the interests of your organization.

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Who should attend:

Employers, managers, administrators, HR, union executives, coaches, volunteer coordinators

Seminar Length:

2 hours

Seminar Cost:

Greater Victoria: $750.00 plus GST

Outside Greater Victoria: Please CONTACT US for a quote​

Class Size:

25 max

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