Internet & Social Media Investigations

Social Media Conflict & Internet Critical Incident Investigations For Schools or Those Who Work With Teens

Social Media Investigations

Social Media Conflict & Internet Critical Incident Investigations For Schools or Those Who Work With Teens


Administrative and Investigative Best Practices Specific to Tween/Teen Based Internet Conflict & Online Critical Incidents 


In presenting Social Media Safety to over 400 schools, and 370,000 students,  throughout Canada and the United States, we have heard one message loud and clear from Police School Resource Officers, principals, educators, school counsellors, youth care workers and community based mental health workers; that message, “Too much of our time is now dedicated to dealing with student based Social Media conflict and critical incidents, but we have never received in-depth training on how to do so professionally.” Working with other experts in the field of Internet and Social Media investigations, we have now developed an 8hr training workshop, that will provide the information and basic skills needed to develop administrative and investigational best practices, when dealing with student/employee based Social Media conflict or online critical incidents. We bring over 30yrs of law enforcement based investigative experience, as well as 6 Open Source Intelligence and Social Media investigation certifications to the design of this program. This training will survive the scrutiny of a parent, board of inquiry or a court of law, and encourages a co-ordinated incident response between the police, the school, the school district and other professionals that deal with youth in conflict. Given that the design of our program is based upon the premise “principles stay the same diverse in application”, this training will also “dovetail” nicely into any school threat assessment model.


Our workshop doesn't gloss over what students are doing online, or how to use only “GOOGLE” to conduct investigations, instead we will first provide participants with an in-depth understanding of what tweens, teens and young adults are doing online today, and then we will provide easily learned online investigative skills, and free “Open Source” and “fee for service” software, to help investigate critical school incidents when things go bad online. We will also provide participants with links to companies that provide further certified training opportunities, that can further expand one’s online investigative skill set.


*** School Administrators***

For school administrative staff, counsellors and others that work closely with youth, you are not expected to be criminal investigators (that is the job of the police), BUT the reality is prior to police involvement, you may have to conduct an “in-house” online investigation to make the decision if police should be called.  This workshop will provide you with basic “best practices”, specific to online investigation techniques and skills, that will help you to document your findings, thus proving administrative “due diligence”, especially when it comes to parental scrutiny over any actions taken as a result of a social media incident.

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Topics Covered

What are students doing online

What are the Criminal Code sections specific to online crime that you could be expected to investigate at a school

Current Case Law and “Best Practices” specific to the collection of information online

Current Case Law specific to the use and legal constraints of Covert Accounts by Law Enforcement and Administrators

How to set up a protected Covert Account

Why “Firefox” should be your primary Internet Investigative Browser

Why using a Virtual Privacy Network (VPN) is an investigators best friend

Understanding your school’s Social Media baseline and how to digitally monitor it

Understanding the language of the Internet and Social Media

What is an IP address and why is it important in investigations

How to locate an IP address in an email heading

How to Search an IP Address

What is a “Geofence”

The Pro’s and Con’s of “Geofencing” a school

How to screen capture, copy and paste information into an investigational log

Copy Of -How to screen capture, copy and paste information into an investigational log

How to conduct a “reverse image” search on pictures posted

How to search the most popular Apps and Social Networks being used

What is a “decoy” or “vault” App and why are students using them and how to locate them on a phone

You have been asked to investigate a sext, now what

How to connect to “Law Enforcement Only” portals for most Apps and Social Networks

How to obtain user information and IP from a social media vendor

How to “freeze” an account so that information is not deleted

Why obtaining a “Production Order” may be needed in your investigation.

Current case law specific to principals & police searching cellphones

Why School policy on Social Media is so important

Recommendations for further indepth online investigation training

Plus much, much more !!!

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Participants do not need to be a Social Media expert to participate in this workshop, we can educate even the most Social Media illiterate SRO, school administrator, youth counsellor or child protection worker when it comes to investigating the social media challenges faced by teens today.


We are the only Canadian workshop whose lead instructor was a decorated Canadian police officer (S/Sgt) with 30yrs of experience, who specialized, and is currently licenced, in the area of Social Media investigations, and possess 6 separate Social Media/ Open Source Investigation Certifications. Over the past several years, Darren’s online investigative abilities have been utilized by schools and the police, both in Canada and the USA, to assist SRO’s and School Administrators.

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Police School Resource Officers

School Administrators

School Counsellors

School District Psychologists

Youth Community Mental Health Workers

Child Protection Workers

Those Who Work With High-Risk Youth

All participants should bring:

  • Notepad and paper

  • Access to a laptop or desktop

  • If possible please have the Web Browser “Firefox” installed on laptop/desktop

  • Spare power source (optional)

Seminar Cost:

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Class Size:

Negotiable - please call for more details

We Are Community Minded:

Every year a portion of our profits are given back to the community to financially support two not-for-profit organizations who are dedicated to helping youth in need when it comes to bullying and suicide prevention; NEED2 and Bullying Ends Here. We are proud of the fact that "We are a for-profit company, striving to do well, by doing good things for others in our community.” 

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