Internet / Social Media / School Collective Agreement Template

This resource is about giving schools and teachers some key concepts in building a school policy surrounding the use of digital technology students bring into the school and those devices owned by the school for student use. Feel free to copy, edit, and reuse some of the policy ideas we have outlined in the following document.

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This school collective agreement applies to the use of personally owned digital devices, and school-issued digital devices while on school property or using a school’s internet connection, Wi-Fi or other networks.



“Personal Device”

an individually owned and purchased devices such as a computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch that is brought into the school environment from the outside.


“School Device”

School purchased or managed device such a laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone. These devices are either kept within the school environment or can be taken always from the school. This also includes the use of a school’s network and Wi-Fi.




I understand that accessing the internet and social media at school is an earned privilege and not a right.


I understand that the use of a personal device, or a school device in class is a privilege, and permission to do so much be given by a teacher first.


I understand that the use of a personal device and a school’s device, while at school is an earned privilege and not a right.


I understand that I do not have the right to privacy while using a school’s device.


I understand that I cannot livestream, take pictures or video record other students, teachers, other employees or anyone else on school property without their consent.


I must have approval to create any new social media accounts on a school’s device, and a teacher may maintain a list of all social media accounts, usernames, passwords and hashtags used by the student on a school’s device.


I am ultimately responsible for the safekeeping of my personal devices and assigned school’s devices.


I will not attempt to bypass or delete any monitoring software or privacy settings without checking with a teacher first.


I will provide my assigned school’s device upon any request of a teacher so that they can check its privacy settings, monitoring software (if installed), and apps.


I will not provide any kind of personal information about myself, a teacher or anyone else in our school including their name, address, telephone number, this includes any online forms that ask for this information without permission from my teacher, parent, or significant adult.


I will not use my personal device, or a school’s device, to aggress or bully another person. I will use school devices, and personal device during school that is within the law.


I will not use my personal digital device at school, or school’s device at any time, in a way that can reasonably be seen by another person to be rude, mean, or disturbing.


I will notify my teacher if I am being peer aggressed or bullied online or if I receive rude, mean, or disturbing messages from others while using a school’s device, or personal digital device at school.


I will not use a school’s device to post anything online that I would not want my teacher, parent/significant adult to see. This includes the use of profanity (bad language).


I will not use a personal device during school hours to post anything online that I would not want my teacher, parent/significant adult to see. This includes the use of profanity (bad language).


I will not post any kind of naked picture of myself online or other, including text message, email, or app using a school’s device or my personal digital device during school.


I will notify my teacher if anyone sends me a naked picture of their body, especially including any area of their genitalia while using my personal digital device at school, or a school’s device.


I will not download anything or install apps or games on a school’s device while at school without first asking my teacher.


I will not purposely visit websites that contain primarily adult content using my personal digital device while at school or using a school’s device.


I will not buy or order anything online using a school’s device without first asking my teacher for permission first.


If I am continually contacted by a stranger that wants me to friend or follow them, or who makes me feel uncomfortable while using a school device, I will notify my teacher.


If I make an honest mistake while online at school when using my personal digital device or a school device, I will notify my teacher as soon as possible.


I understand that this “School Collective Agreement” applies outside of the school when using the internet, social media or any device, that is owned by the school.


If I purposely break any of the conditions noted above, I will accept the consequences of my teacher or school administration, which may include, but are not limited to, losing access to the school’s Internet, Wi-Fi, network, or devices.​



I agree that I will ask questions of my students in the hopes of understanding how they are using a school’s devices or personal device.


I will always consider that my students may have a “reasonable” excuse for breaching one of the conditions mentioned above in this contract. If the excuse is reasonable, then there will be no punitive action taken.


I agree to set a good example when it comes to the use of the Internet, social networking, and the use of mobile technology.


I agree and understand that my students will make honest mistakes. If my student comes to me immediately and tells me what happened, I will help and will not punish them. If, however, their actions were not an honest mistake, or if they attempt to hide said mistake from me, I have the right as the teacher to take punitive actions as I see reasonable.


In the unfortunate case where this collective agreement, or a policy stated in the School District or school policy are not followed, internet and device privileges will be immediately terminated, a school’s owned digital device could be seized, and depending on the severity, additional behavior referrals could be assessed


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