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Since 2008 we have been asked by parents, teachers, and all kinds of caregivers “What type of filtering/monitoring programs should I install” and “what filtering/monitoring program is the best” In our experience, there is no perfect app that does everything (if there was, trust us we would have already developed something like that). If you do a quick Google search for any of these programs you will quickly find yourself inundated with hundreds of options. Each with its own features and pricing levels, some free and some costing an arm and a leg. No wonder it is proving difficult for caregivers to choose a solution and why many people are asking us for our opinion. Truth is we have a hard time sorting through all these solutions also.


This is why we are developing our Filtering and Monstering Program Database and Review Process. This is designed to help us understand the different tools available but also making the database freely accessible for anyone to use to help compare different tools and find one that meets the needs for a variety of different family and life circumstances.


Using our experience with helping parents, teachers, principals, police, doctors, therapists and other caregivers we are taking applying this knowledge to a review system in order help families make informed decisions.


As always, don’t think simply installing monitoring and filtering apps and child and teens phone will absolve the need for education and careful attention in all other areas of today’s digital life. No filtering and monitoring program is perfect and they are only a tool for a single component to online safety and security.





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