Digital Professionalism for Educators

Helping Educators To Proactively Understand The Enabling Power Of Digital Technology and Mobile Communications, But Also How To Mitigate The Sometimes Unintended Consequences Of High Risk/Undesirable Online Behaviour

Digital footprints are increasingly important aspects of an individual’s identity in a technological enriched society such as Canada—and are especially important aspects of a professional’s identity. Web 2.0 & social media offer great potential as tools for educational leadership, community engagement, pedagogy & professional development, but educators need to know how to manage them professionally. Digital footprints of individuals also have ramifications for their employers and their organizations—school districts, banks, hospitals, unions/associations.  People’s digital activities leave traces—both public and private--that others can find to build individual and organizational profiles—and even sell! Many educators have had little training in developing or managing a professional digital footprint. They may be technically savvy regarding the use of social networking and web 2.0 sites, yet don’t often understand the permanence & persistence of digital data, the ways in which their personal and professional data can be aggregated, & how that data can affect them professionally. This includes an understanding of where, when, & how to separate personal and professional content. The goal of this session is to empower professional educators with the knowledge and skills to establish, grow, & manage their digital footprints, as well as the digital footprints of their schools/districts or organizations.

(Note: This session can be tailored to participant & school levels: administrators, faculty, staff, K-12, post-secondary-- or a combination thereof.)

Topics Covered

  • Ground participants’ understanding of “privacy” by reviewing its status as a right under the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, with reference to BC’s FIPPA as well as other relevant legislation;

  • Define & explore “personal information” in the context of BC’s FIPPA;

  • Define & explore key obligations for protecting privacy of students & others when using online educational tools under BC’s FIPPA, as well as best practices highlighted by OIPC BC relevant case decisions & published guideline documents;

  • Identify & explore issues of emerging best strategic procedures, policies & for privacy protection when using online tools;

  • Identify effective strategies & resources to use for managing privacy & minimizing exposure of personal information.

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About Our Programs

Our educational programs on internet safety and digital literacy utilize a holistic approach addressing the legal, emotional, physical, and technical components that keep everyone safe. We take pride in the fact that our presentations are real, memorable, and compellable to our audience.

With our over 25 years in business, 30 years of law enforcement experience, Investigative practice, and research background, we offer a completely comprehensive approach to our training programs and services.

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What Makes Our Programs Special

Live HD Broadcast

The White Hatter Broadcasting Studio is more than just a laptop webcam meeting. We use a professionally outfitted multi-media broadcasting studio with multiple (6) camera angles. Using best in industry webinar-based professional broadcasting software and hardware. We provide a safe, secure, and private online webinar experience, to provide high-definition video (1080p) and audio online learning environment. We also can seamlessly integrate with other virtual programs such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Skype or any other web-based platform if requested.

HD Live Broadcasting is quickly becoming superior to in-person programming by reaching more participants than ever before. No need to travel, more affordable, and replayability on select programs. Anonymous interaction tools like Q&A generate better participant questions. Overall, broadcasting offers more engaging and captivating performances from all the video inputs, displays, and effects.

Live Broadcasting of this program includes a Q&A portion

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The traditional delivery method of The White Hatter’s award-winning programs. We bring all our own equipment when able (laptop, projector, microphone, and auditorium sound system). All you need to provide is a table, screen, electrical cord, power source, and an audience. Our programs are highly engaging, captivating, energetic, and passionate performances that relate to audiences to successfully convey our message of digital literacy and internet safety.

The White Hatter Experience

What Makes Our Programs Special


Industry leaders


We are recognized industry leaders and experts in the fields of internet and social media safety and digital literacy training. Students, teachers, principals, parents, counsellors, business professionals, and law enforcement throughout North America have all agreed that our presentation was the “best" and most "in-depth" they have experienced on the topic. Our presentations stand out as a “must-have" program for elementary and high school students, thus why our programs have been heard by more Students and have won more awards, than any other programs in Canada over the past three years.

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Digital Citizenship


Our program is not just about internet safety, it’s also about digital citizenship and literacy, online ethics, online critical thinking, and the challenges surrounding privacy, cyberbullying, and what we can do now to protect their digital footprint. The goal of our programs is not to instill fear or negate opportunities, rather to enlighten, empower, and enable participants to make informed online choices.

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Award-Winning Programs


Our work in the area of internet safety and digital literacy has been recognized by various awards.

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Law Enforcement Experience


While others in our industry seek out police endorsements or advertise that they have or do work with law enforcement, we are comprised of current or past law enforcement professionals, and bring this experience and pedigree to all of our programs.

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We Stay Current


We stay current on everything we do, and we have documented evidence that our presentation positively changes internet behaviour. We are also very proud of the fact that our programs have intervened in the lives of many, especially in our grade school programs where students who were contemplating suicide or self-harm as an option because they were in crisis or being targeted by cyberbullying or sexting went wrong issues. These students heard our empathetic message, reached out to us for help, and in each and every case (often working with their school) we were able to get them the help that they needed.

Bring Our Own Equipment


For our In-person programs, we bring all our own equipment (laptop, projector, microphone, and auditorium sound system); all you need to provide is a table, screen, electrical cord, and power source.

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Academic Rigour


Our programs are designed not only from extensive experience but also academic support. Members of The White Hatter Team come from a variety of backgrounds in formal post-secondary education and bring a breadth of knowledge with how technology impacts the world from each individual and society.

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