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Premiere Group Recording Access

About Premiere  Access

Premiere Access is a Video on Demand program provided at a group rate accessible to a school, business, or community organization. Premiere Access serves as a great option for parent groups and entire school communities looking to host quality programing at any time and anywhere for community members to access when comfortable or appropriate for participants to do so. These are recorded, edited, and produced videos similar to Video on Demand distributed among an entire group.

Premiere  Access programs are NOT simple recordings of our live presentations or video meetings. They are independently created covering similar topics but presented differently in a TV or movie-style format

How Premiere Group Recording Access Work?

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Schedule a day with our office you would like to host a Premiere Group Recordings available program. The day before, the event organizer will be provided a link and password to share with all participants. Over the next 24-48 hours the program can be viewed and replayed any amount within the timeframe.