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Teens Being Asked to Send a Nude or Semi-Nude vs. Teens Actually Sending Them


I believe this article supports the fact that more education, specific to the asking for nudes, as it relates to the subjects of consent, respect, sexual objectification, and pornification, is a must for all teens in today’s onlife world.

Over the past several months, I have been asking my high school audiences, “How many of you have been asked for a nude by a peer?” Anecdotally, just under 50% of those students with who identify as female will put up their hands, and only about 15% to 20% of those with male gender expression.

Given White Hatter Brandon’s academic research background, I asked him if there was any evidence-based, peer-reviewed research on this topic that supports what I see. Here is what he found:

  • A US study of 948 teens ages 14 to 19 found 57% had been asked to send a nude, 68% of those reporting a female stated such (Temple et al.,2012).

  • In a Swedish sexting study (nude or nearly nude) of 1653 adolescents ages 12 to 16 found boys significantly more often asked others for sexts at 17.7% versus 9.7% for girls. 45.3% of those reporting as girls stated they were asked by others for a sext and only 23.2% of boys reported such (Burén & Lunde, 2018).

  • A Scottish report on sexting examining 3322 youth ages 11-15 found 42% girls reported being asked for a nude and/or being sent a nude compared to boys at only a reported 24% (Hunter et al., 2018).

It was very interesting to read how the research Brandon located echoed very closely the anecdotal results I have seen on this topic in my high school presentations. This was one reason why we created the “No, It’s Rude to Ask for A Nude” initiative.

Here in Canada, if our “No, It’s Rude to Ask for A Nude” graphic is sent, and the same person asks for a nude a second time, they could face arrest for either Criminal Harassment or Luring under the Criminal Code of Canada. This is a fact that many teens are unaware of.

However, it is refreshing to see that although a large number of teen girls are being asked for nudes (and a smaller number of teens boys), only 11-13% of young people actually end up sending a nude or semi-nude image.

Darren Laur