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Tanoshi Scholar Review

A Hybrid Tablet/Computer for Pre-Teens and Younger Teens

As internet safety and digital literacy advocates, we are constantly asked by parents and caregivers about appropriate technology for pre-teens and younger teens. This is especially true when it comes to cellphones (1) but more recently, parents have been asking us about appropriate desktop computers, laptops, and tablets for pre-teens and younger teens as well. The most common products that we are asked to comment on are Chromebooks and iPads.

As a result, we decided to look at products that were specifically designed for youth between kindergarten and grade 6. Although both Chromebooks and iPads can be used by youth, we feel these options are costly, too overpowered for this age group, and do not have the durability to protect the device against the foreseeable physical abuse that often accompanies youth in this age cohort.

So, we began our search and came across a product called the “Tanoshi” computer (2). To be honest, we first heard of this product on the TV show Sharks Den several years ago, but didn’t pay it much attention. However, since the Sharks Den episode, Tanoshi has further developed their product, and now offers a laptop/tablet hybrid device that they call the Tanoshi Scholar.

After learning about this new product, and reading some online customer reviews, we decided to reach out to the co-founder and CEO of Tanoshi, Brad Johnson, to see if he would be interested in sending us a Tanoshi Scholar for testing and evaluation. As most of our followers know, before we recommend or endorse any product, we like to vet it ourselves to ensure it does what the vendor says it does. To Tanoshi’s credit, they agreed to ship us a unit, and welcomed our review. We made it clear to Tanoshi that we would be making our review public, and would be sharing any strengths and weaknesses identified in our testing and evaluation. Again, Tanoshi welcomed such a review.

Within a week of connecting with Tanoshi, they sent us their new Tanoshi Scholar for our testing and evaluation. The packaging of this device was impressive and reminded us of the robust and protective packaging that Apple uses, but definitely more colorful from a branding standpoint.