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Sharenting: It Goes Both Ways

Sharenting is a relatively new term that describes when parents or caregivers share too much info about their kids online, especially when on social media platforms. We at The White Hatter have heard mixed feelings from youth in regard to being uncomfortable with parents posting personal and identifiable information about them online without asking permission. So, we decided to ask our Instagram followers what they think. As we suspected from speaking with many teens on our travels, out of the 339 of respondents, 66% said they are uncomfortable with parents posting about them without asking.

One teen responded, “Well, it’s alright if my mom wants to post something about my birthday, the first day back to school, etc. but anything super personal makes me uncomfortable.”

We also decided that this situation isn’t one-sided; it goes both ways. We had to ask how the parents and caregivers feel. We flipped the question and asked our parent followers on Facebook how they feel about their kids posting about them without permission. We saw almost the same percentage of parents as teens feeling uncomfortable because of personal and identifiable information being posted online without permission by their kids.

The message we want our readers to take away is that regardless of who you are, before posting someone’s personal and identifiable information online, ask them for permission.

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