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Internet Music Videos: Are Some Killing the Message of Healthy Human Sexuality?

Although I am in my 50’s, I still consider myself to be very open-minded about everything associated with “entertainment” (in all its forms) and its accessibility by youth and young adults. As music videos continue to push the norm, specific to language and sexuality, what kind of cause and effect are some forms of entertainment having on our kids at an emotional, psychological, and even physical level. The research out there has proven a strong correlation specific to music and music videos, and it sometimes has negative effects on beliefs and actions.,5&as_vis=1

What spawned this posting are two videos that were presently released and whose targeted audience is teens and young adults, given this is the cohort (fan base) that most arguably follows these two artists. Now before clicking and watching the two attached links, be warned that there is language, nudity, and very sexually suggestive scenes that you are about to hear and view:

Artist: Fergie

Song: M.I.L.F.$

Views: Over 20 million as of the writing of this post

Artist: Kanye West

Song: Famous

Views: Over 5 million as of the writing of this post

Now imagine you are a young teen who will watch and listen to one or both of these videos hundreds of times; each time compounding the visual, auditory, and subliminal information they are absorbing (usually with earphones on, which heightens the auditory experience). What kind of messages, both overt and covert, are these two videos sending to our tweens and teens about human sexuality and the treatment of women by men? What kind of messages, both overt and covert, are these two videos sending to young girls/women about how they are expected to act sexually towards men?

With Internet access at an all time high with our kids, primarily because of mobile phones, we need to start paying more attention to what our kids are viewing and listening to on their devices. It’s more than just traditional online pornography that we should be concerned about when it comes to healthy human sexuality. We need to have ongoing discussions with our kids about healthy human sexuality and healthy human relationships. As parents, if we don’t take on this important responsibility, then we are leaving it to the entertainment industry, in all its forms, to take the lead and do the parenting, which is a recipe for disaster. Be their “Best Parent” and not their “Best Friend.”

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