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XBox Security Settings

Just like the Wii, the Xbox, once connected to the internet, allows a child to access peer-to-peer networking. To help minimize the threats associated with peer-to-peer networking while your child is using their XBox, here’s how to apply it’s security settings:

First – on the main dashboard, go to the tab called “My Xbox.”

Then scroll all the way over to the box called “System Settings.”

From here you want to click on Family Settings.

Then click on Console Controls – This is the main interface where you’ll manage all different sections of the family settings. Each category is explained in detail below.

Console Controls > Game Ratings – Here, you can set the maximum game rating that anyone can play on the Xbox without parental approval.

Console Controls > Video Ratings – Same thing, just for DVDs – as well as block or allow unrated DVDs

Console Controls > XBOX Live access – allows or block altogether. Blocking prevents your child from using ANY Xbox Live feature i.e. online gaming, Netflix, Zune, and chatting with friends.

Console Controls > XBOX Live Membership Creation – allows you to block or allow people from creating new memberships on the console.

Console Controls > Restricted Content – gives you the option to show or hide content based on your family settings. Assuming that you want to block the content that you’ve previously restricted in the previous steps, you can just select “Hide Restricted Content”. If you select “Show All Content”, then a password will be required when your child tries to access content that exceeds the family settings.

Console Controls > Family Timer – here you can set weekly and daily time limits that someone can be logged into their Xbox account.

Console Controls > Set Pass Code – This just ties everything up in a neat little bow. Set a password that only YOU know. That way the family settings can’t be changed by anybody but you.

Once you’ve done that, select the “Done” button and select “Yes, save changes” – This finalizes the whole process and activates the settings you just selected.

If you set a family timer, you should immediately see a popup that indicates a countdown. Also, you can test the family settings by running a game that exceeds the rating that you allowed previously. If the game is rated higher than what you allowed, then you’ll see a popup asking for your pass code.

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