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Webfilter Pro for Chrome and FireFox

Even though Internet Explorer remains to be the largest web browser in the world that offers great parental content filtering options, both Google Chrome and Firefox are starting to gain on IE’s market share. Both Chrome and Firefox also offer a great plug-ins or add-ons called “Webfilter Pro” for free, which also offers great parental content filtering options for parents that are easy to use to help protect your children from:

– pornography

– adult social media sites

– gambling sites

– content that contains violence

– malware protection

For Google Chrome users you can download the Webfilter Pro add-on here:

For Firefox users you can download the Webfilter Pro add-on here:

Both of these add-ons are easily downloaded and the instructions on how to set them up are also easy to follow.

Again, is Webfilter Pro 100% effective in filtering out problematic material that your children could see? No. But when used in conjunction with parental supervision, it can go a long way in minimizing these risks to our children.

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