Password Management

What Is It?

Passwords are the key to everything in our digital lives. The greatest risk to your online identity is weak passwords or mishandling.


-Easy to Hard difficulty-

Depending on how secure you want your passwords will depend on how much time and effort will be put in managing them

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Why Use It?

Doing some sort of password security will greatly improve your changes of being targeted from a cyber attack.


  • Having passwords that are too complex can make it hard to remember

  • Using any methods of managing passwords has some risk

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What Makes a Good Password

Length and complexity are what constitutes a strong password. But keep in mind a long password with no complexity is useless.

Go test the stength of some passwords here at this website

Tools to Manage Passwords

Keep in mind that using a password manager apps is handy and they might use good encryption to keep  your info private you are still giving a third party all your really imponrtant information and there for some risk is accepted.