The White Hatter Partners

Individuals, teams, and organizations that we trust and support

Cyberbullying Research Center - Dr Sameer Hinduja

We met Dr. Hinduja several years ago at a bullying prevention presentation, and we were immediately attracted to his personality, and his evidence-based research on the topics of bullying and bullying prevention. Dr. Hinduja has now become a good friend of ours, who we consistently reference when it comes to peer-reviewed research in the areas of bullying, bullying prevention and online safety.

Bullying Ends Here - Tad Milmine

Tad is a fellow Canadian law enforcement professional, who also runs a Not-for-Profit organization called, “Bullying Ends Here”. Tad travels internationally sharing his personal story of how bullying affected his life growing up. Like us, Tad’s passion is helping youth who are being targeted, both online and offline, and helping them to understand that “it gets better”. As a company, we are honoured to call Tad a good friend and to financially support his very unique storytelling anti-bullying movement, which is changing lives.

Sheepdog Self Protection - Kris and Francois Greffard

Kris and Francois are both employed in high-risk professions and have devoted themselves to self-protection training through their family-run company, “Sheepdog Self Protection”. Kris and Francois strive to unselfishly provide the best emotional, psychological and physical self-protection training possible to both youth and adults. Most importantly, the Greffard's are family to us, and we trust what they do for others unconditionally. 


HighTechU is a non-profit initiative of the UVic Department of Computer Science, developed in collaboration with members of the Greater Victoria technology and education sectors, which seeks to build our community through technology-focused experiential learning opportunities for Vancouver Island youth.

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