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Parents Presentation Notes

Office Work

Download our notes here if you attended our parent information session



Password Form

Medical form with stethoscope

Download this document and fill in the required information. This is in case of an emergency and if the child is missing, investigators can gain access to the accounts for useful information.

Family Collective Agreement

Insurance Agent

This is an agreement document between a child and parental authority. The idea of this document is the set clear boundaries and rules in regards to technology and the Internet. In addition, teach the child about terms of services associated with software and hardware.

“No! It’s Rude To Ask For A Nude”

No! It’s Rude To Ask For A Nude.jpg

Download a high-resolution warning picture, so it can be sent in a return message to a person who asked for a nude.

Due Diligence Report

App Screens

Often kid download apps because everyone else is, and don’t think critically about some of the consequences of doing so. Here’s a great exercise that will help create critical thinking skills surrounding security, privacy, data, digital literacy. Before you allow your kid or teen to download an app onto their device, have them complete this exercise by providing you with answers to the following questions.

Intimate Image Deletion Notice

Credit Assessment_2

This form is designed to assist those who are no longer consenting to share intimate images (sexts). This is designed to be used in circumstances with consensual image sharing. When images are used to blackmail please contact your local police immediately.

I do not Consent


Downloadable image response tool to unsolicited pictures of genitalia


Monitoring and Filtering Tools

Monitoring and Filtering Tools

Stock Market Down

Learn about what products we recommend

Vault & Decoy Apps


How kids hide content, such as cyberbullying and sexting from parents, teachers, and peers.


And the 4 methods Parents can do to detect them!


Online Behaviour

Shorthand Text Lingo

Internet Lingo.png

What all those 3-4 character words mean.

Recommended Book List

Our Book List

Piles of Books

Books we read and recommend from authors we respect.