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Cyberbullying, Sexting, Nudes, Intimate Images, and the Law Ages 15+ (Grade 8-12)

This session focusses exclusively on two subjects, sexting and bullying. Both subjects independent but oftentimes coincide. Online aggression, violence, and threats is not something that should be ignored given its prevalence online. Victimization can occur form schoolmates, friends, family, and random anonymous interactions. Smartphones with the ability to send pictures and videos instantaneously, has become the tool in how teens will share what they call “nudes.” The social and legal circumstances of these behaviours can often be misunderstood, we aim to clarify the facts and risks. This program is based on academic peer reviewed research, case law, and real-world investigative experience helping teens. The objective of this session is to help youth understand consent, choices, consequences and how they can take specific actions to reduce legal liability and reduce harm emotionally, psychologically, physically and socially specific to these challenges. We will provide tools and resources for times of crisis to help maintain the healthy and safe online experience.

Cyberbullying Sexting Nudes Intimate Images and the Law

Sexting, Nudes, & Intimate Images

Risks and potential consequences to asking, possessing, sending nude images of oneself or others

What is consent, and what is the legal age of consent.

What the law says specific to the possession, distribution, and accessing of intimate images by teens.


The types of online aggression that can be experienced

The legal consequences for the evil and hurtful things people can say online

Tools & Resources

What if intimate images become public: reporting options and the use of the Intimate Image Take Down Notice

Tools for teens to fight back against peer pressure

Further steps, resources, and apps to help students when experiencing concerning online interactions


Why Our Programs are so Different From Those Offered By Other Companies and Organizations 

Industry leaders

We are recognized industry leaders and experts in the fields of internet and social media safety and digital literacy training. Students, teachers, principals, parents, counsellors, business professionals, and law enforcement throughout North America have all agreed that our presentation was the “best" and most "in-depth" they have experienced on the topic. Our presentations stand out as a “must-have" programs, thus why our programs have been heard by more students and have won more awards, than any other programs in North America over the past years. Click here for actual feedback and testimonials on our programs.

Digital Citizenship

Our program is not just about internet safety, it’s also about digital citizenship and literacy, online ethics, online critical thinking, and the challenges surrounding privacy, cyberbullying, and what we can do now to protect their digital footprint. The goal of our programs is not to instil fear or negate opportunities, rather the goal of our program is to enlighten, empower, and enable to make informed online choices. We show how to build a positive online reputation.


Our work in the area of internet and social media safety has been recognized by various awards.

  • 2013 Social Media Derek K Miller Award (most inspiring social media user), for our unique work in the area of internet and social media safety both in Canada and the United States. Voted by a very respected panel of independent North American social media experts

  • In 2014, The Governor General of Canada appointed Darren a Member of the Canadian Order of Merit for is works with students

  • In 2015 Darren and Beth were also awarded the very prestigious British Columbia Community Achievement Award, for their commitment to providing critical information to students.

  • In 2017, The BC Government & Radius SFU awarded our team member, with the 2017 BC Social Innovations Youth Award for his work and advocacy with youth, tweens, teens, and adults.

  • In 2018 three team members were awarded the BC Medal of Good Citizenship.

Law Enforcement Experience

While others in our industry seek out police endorsements or advertise that they have or do work with law enforcement, we are comprised of current or past law enforcement professionals, and bring this experience and pedigree to all of our programs.

Academic Rigour

Our programs are designed not only from extensive experience but also academic support. Members of The White Hatter Team come from a verity of backgrounds in formal post-secondary education and bring a breadth of knowledge with how technology impacts the world from each individual and society.

We Stay Current

We stay current on everything we do, and we have documented evidence that our presentation positively changes Internet behaviour. We are also very proud of the fact that our presentation has intervened in the lives of students, who were contemplating suicide or self-harm as an option because they were in crisis or being targeted by cyberbullying or sexting went wrong issues. These students heard our empathetic message, reached out to us for help, and in each and every case (often working with their school) we were able to get them the help that they needed. No other program offers this unique online outreach for students.

Free Resources

We provide free access to our internet and social media safety online resources for students, teachers, parents, and business professionals.

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