Internet & Social Media Investigations

September 26, 2019

9:00 am - 5:00 pm 

School-Based Social Media Conflict & Internet Critical Incident Investigations


Investigative Best Practices for School Resource Officers


While presenting social media safety throughout Canada and the United States, we have heard one message loud and clear from law enforcement,


“Too much of our time is now dedicated to dealing with social media conflict and critical incidents, but we have never received in-depth training in how to do so professionally.”


Working with other experts in the field of internet and social media investigations, we have now developed a one-day training workshop that will provide the information and basic skills needed to develop administrative and investigative best practices when dealing with social media conflict, or online critical incidents, that many school resource officers face on a daily basis. We are the only Canadian online safety and security company in British Columbia that brings over 30 years of law enforcement-based  investigative  experience.  We  also  possess  provincial  licensing  as  an  online investigative organization, and 6 open source intelligence and social media investigation certifications to the design of this program. This program is designed for law enforcement professionals by a recently retired law enforcement professional who is still very active in social media investigations.


This program doesn't gloss over what people are doing online. We don’t only teach how to use “Google” to conduct investigations. Instead, we will provide participants with easily learned online investigative  skills,  and  free  “Open  Source”  and  “fee  for  service”  software  to  help  investigate problematic online incidents. We will also provide participants with links to companies that provide further certified training opportunities that can expand one’s online investigative skillset.

Topics coverd

  • The Criminal Code sections specific to online crime that you could be expected to investigate as an SRO.

  • Current case law and “best practices” specific to the collection of information online. Cut and paste in a Word or Excel document is no longer the legal standard when it comes to data collection.

  • How to set up a protected and legal covert account.

  • How to search the most popular apps and social networks.

  • How to a investigate distribution of intimate images incident (sexting).

  • How to understand the language of the internet and social media. You can’t investigate that what you don’t understand.

  • Why “Google Chrome” should be your primary internet investigative browser.

  • Why using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an investigator’s best friend?

  • What is an IP address and why is it important in investigations?

  • How to locate an IP address in an email heading.

  • How to search an IP address.

  • The Pros and Cons of Geofencing.

  • How to get basic information on cellphone numbers that will be needed for a Production Order.

  • Why is it important to set up an investigational log?

  • Reverse image searching on pictures posted to validate authenticity.

  • Decoy or vault apps and why students are using them and how to locate them on a phone.

  • Identify a cellphone that may be stolen when there is nothing on CPIC or other police databases that indicate so.

  • Current case law specific to police searching cellphones.

  • How to connect to “law enforcement only” portals for most apps and social networks.

  • How to obtain user information and IP from a social media vendor.

  • How to “freeze” an account so that information is not deleted.

  • Why obtaining a Production Order may be needed in your investigation.

  • A model ITO that you can use for both Production Orders and Search Warrants when it comes to online crime.

  • Several live exercises throughout the day to put into practice what you have learned.

  • Plus, much, much more!!!

All participants should bring:

•       Notepad and paper

•       Access to a laptop with power cord

•       If possible, please have the web browser “Firefox” installed on laptop/desktop

•       Spare power source (optional)


The White  Hatter  Studio, located at 2611 Rainville Road in Langford, British Columbia. Our training studio is fully outfitted with two 65” hi-definition monitors, secure high-speed internet Wi-Fi access and each participant is provided with an individual power outlet to plug in a laptop, tablet, or phone.

Class Size:

16 seats available 

Seminar Cost:

The cost for this full-day workshop is $150.00CAD +GST per member attending. With today’s police HR cash-strapped training budgets, we wanted to make sure our training was reasonably affordable. Don’t let the low-cost fool you! Our program’s content is current, well researched, and delivered by instructors who have real law enforcement and online investigative experience.


For those needing a hotel, there are several within a 5 to 10-minute drive of The White Hatter Studio:









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