“No! It’s Rude To Ask For A Nude”

No! It’s Rude To Ask For A Nude.jpg

Having presented to hundreds of thousands of teens from across North America, we have heard their message loud and clear: they really hate the fact that people who they usually know, and sometimes people they don’t know, ask them for nudes. As a result, we here at The White Hatter want to provide students with a digital tool that they can use to help send a message to the sender that what they are asking for is inappropriate, and sometimes even criminal. These actions could result in punitive measures if they don’t stop. This digital tool is an image that contains this important message:


We believe that “NO” is a complete sentence with no room for negotiation, a message this image clearly depicts. We also believe that the warning “I’ve screen captured your message as evidence if needed” sends a clear message to the person requesting the nude that if asked again, there could be consequences to their actions.


We encourage you to copy or download a high-resolution version of this image to a phone, so that you can send it in a return message to a person who asked for a nude.