The White Hatter Medallion

In celebration of being in business for 25 years, we want to recognize those tweens, teens and adults who go that extra mile to help others online and offline. We have designed and commissioned The White Hatter Medallion. This two sided, individually numbered medallion has the White Hatter logo on one side, and a black and white ribbon on the other, signifying internet/social media safety and digital literacy. The Latin phrase Semper Ibi, which means always there, is a promise that we make to everyone who hears us speak; that being, “if you need help, and don’t know where to turn, you can connect with us any time, day or night. We will always be there for those who need our help, when it comes to online and offline safety concerns”. We also know, because we have personally met them in our international travels, that there are tweens, teens and adults who believe as we do, and are committed to making a positive difference online, and will go that extra mile to help others without wanting any recognition of doing so. These individuals are the humble digital sheepdogs that walk amongst us, at times a protector, and at other times a mentor. 

We are excited about this project, we want to recognize others who themselves have become White Hatters, it is our a way to say thank you. These tweens, teens and adults have learned to become upstanders rather than bystanders in this digital world, and for their efforts, we wish to recognize these extraordinary and outstanding people by presenting them with the White Hatter Medallion.