Leveraging The Internet & Social Media for Students

How Students Can Leverage Social Media Using the Internet and Create a Positive Personal Brand for University, College, and Career Opportunities




How Students Can Leverage The Internet & Social Media for University, College and Career Opportunities

Grades 9-12


This program, which is compliant with "BC’s Digital Literacy Framework”  for schools, is a great follow-up to our Internet Safety and Digital Literacy Programs. This program is primarily designed for students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, or for those students who are already attending a college or university and will soon be looking for a job/career.


Given that we know that an increasing number of post-secondary institutions and employers will search an applicant’s online digital dossier as a part of their filtering and hiring process, this program will provide students with proven techniques to optimize and leverage their social media presence, when it comes to university, college and career opportunities.


Having presented to over hundreds of thousands of students, our work in the area of internet and social media safety was recognized with the prestigious 2013 Social Media Derek K Miller Award (most inspiring social media user).

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Topics Covered


What is your digital dossier, and why does your digital reputation matter

How do colleges, universities and employers use Google to check your digital dossier

The 5 realities of all social media networks