Kelby Lyall

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Coding Instructor

Kelby likes to say that she is proud to be a compassionate AND passionate nerd. Currently in her third year of computer science at the University of Victory, she constantly seeks out opportunities to share her love of computer programming with others.


A long-time challenger of the standard ‘butts in seats,’ more passive approach to education, Kelby looks for ways to mentor and inspire others to learn to code by trying and observing how different approaches work with individual learning styles. Kelby often draws on her 12 years within the Waldorf education system to inform her approaches. Kelby strongly believes that the current model of coding education doesn’t facilitate a cultivation of interest or confidence in the subject matter for most people. And, by extension, many, many kids and adults are not drawn to learn any programming. She believes that presented the right way, they would learn to love it as she does. Kelby herself had never written code until university!


Kelby volunteers many hours of her time teaching everyone from kids to adults various programming and technical skills, with the goal of improving the digital literacy of her local Victoria community. Kelby also works teaching STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) programs to youth around the island, especially focusing on minorities who are underrepresented in those fields. In her spare time, Kelby enjoys biking, board games, and playing Dungeons & Dragons with her friends.


We are excited that Kelby is now a part of White Hatter Team and our coding initiative. We believe Kelby’s ability to create and deliver fun and engaging curriculum to youth will spark their interests, remove some hesitance to learning code, and ideally, create a lifelong love of all things programming!

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