Intimate Image (Nude) Deletion Form

What is this?


If you are a Canadian under 18 years of age and have consensually provided an intimate image or video (nude) of yourself to another person, you have the right to remove that consent and ask that person to delete the intimate image or video at any time.


If someone has a nude of you and are threating to post it, send it, or make it public in any way, contact your local police as this is a crime in Canada.



  1. Identify if the deletion notice is appropriate, or if this is a situation that needs to be brought to the police

  2. Print the second page and fill in the blanks at the top with the person’s name who you will be giving the notice too

  3. Date and sign the notice letter at the bottom

  4. Give the notice to the person in a message or in-person

    1. If doing so in a digital message

      1. Take screenshots of the message you send with the time and date showing if able. Also capture any information if the message was “delivered” or “read”

    2.  If doing so in-person

      1. Take a picture of the letter with it filled out before you give it away

      2. Record if possible, you giving the letter to the person named

  5. Take further action if they deny your request and bring the served deletion notice to your local police

  6. Keep the letter and all other documentation for further reference