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More businesses are asking employees to work from home online and we totally support this move. However, do you have policies in place to protect you and your employees, especially now that many are working from home? If the answer is “no” we can help to develop and provide any business or organization with internet/social media guidelines that can be implemented quickly. We can even provide secure virtual training remotely via our White Hatter Studio where we can educate employees on the implemented guidelines and policies developed.

In today’s new normal, the internet and social media have changed the way in which employers and employees interact with others, both inside and outside of the workplace. The internet and social media have blurred the lines between one’s personal and professional life; how one’s use of these tools can either positively or negatively affect an organization’s reputation and branding, business interests, and even their workplace environment. This blurring has also led to employers being sued, employees being disciplined, and in some cases, fired. This is all because of their online activity both on and off the job. Some questions that today’s businesses and organizations need to ask themselves when it comes to the use of the internet/social media while working from home include:

  • “Do we actually have a social media policy and guidelines based upon best practices?”

  • “Does our social media policy and guidelines apply when an employee is working from home?”

  • “Do we clearly outline how an employee can use our company’s brand online?”

  • “Have we provided employees with training on our internet/social media guidelines and policy?”

  • “If we allow employees to use their personal devices at work (BYOD) or at home, do we have guidelines and policy dictating its use?”.


We can help any business or organization develop and implement internet/social media guidelines and policy to meet their specific needs, especially now that more and more employees are working from home online.

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