Internet Safety Week for Families, Parents, and Caregivers


  • Internet Safety and Digital Literacy for Families with Kids Ages 12-13 (grade 6-7)

  • Internet Safety and Digital Literacy for Teens Ages 15+ (grades 8-12)

  • How Teens Can Leverage the Internet & Social Media to Create Post-Secondary and Employment Opportunities Ages 16-18 (grade 10-12)

  • Internet Safety and Digital Literacy for Parents and Caregivers

  • Teen Sexting, Nudes, Distribution of Intimate Images, and the Law

  • Online Sexual Predation and Exploitation: What Is the Threat, and What Can Caregivers Do to Help Minimize the Risks

  • Gaming Concerns, Balance, Addiction & Opportunities

  • The Dark and Dangerous Side of The Online World

What You Get

Full 7 days of available replay for each day's session

-Watch live or later-

Includes 8 of our premium webinars + Q&A

Relevant and updated information from our researchers, investigators, and safety practitioners


Ask your questions live to our team of experts

Premium Week Pass Special

Get access to all the week's programs for 50% off


4 Day Event!


Our team are experienced presenters and online safety practitioners

  • Darren Laur

    Instructor, CLO

  • Brandon Laur

    Instructor & Executive Manager

About The White Hatter

Why learn with us

We are an internet safety and digital literacy education specialist company based in North America that travels everywhere facilitating workshops and providing presentations on technology safety and privacy subjects.


The White Hatter is the brand icon of Personal Protection Systems Inc. a company established in 1993. Our mission is to provide students, teachers, parents, adults, businesses, and law enforcement with the knowledge and tools necessary in today’s world

With our over 25 years in business, 30 years of law enforcement experience, Investigative practice, and research background, we offer a completely comprehensive approach to our training programs and services. 

25+ Years

Our Team is Comprised of:

  • Current and former law enforcement

  • Investigators

  • Academic researchers

  • Mental health advocates

  • White hat hackers

  • Technology enthusiasts

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Security Business

Personal Protection Systems is a certified security business by the Province of British Columbia. We are the only social media safety and digital literacy company in British Columbia to possess such a license. Security licensing allows us to legally conduct online background checks, threat assessments, and investigations for third parties such as police departments, businesses, and school districts.


Professional Studio

We are constantly adapting and growing our program accessibility by using new virtual live training opportunities for those in areas hard to reach and offering bilingual versions of the programs

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Our educational programs on internet safety and digital literacy utilize a holistic approach addressing the legal, emotional, physical, and technical components that keep everyone safe. We take pride in the fact that our presentations are real, memorable, and compellable to our audience.


Our company and team members are highly recognized from the awards and certifications acquired in the line of work we do. We really want to ensure that our programs and services  are the best and most accurate on the market today

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