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Digital Media Copyright Takedown Service

Are there pictures and/or videos that you were the creator or author of, that were obtained or stolen by others, and then posted online without your consent, then we may be able to help get them taken down.


Given our backgrounds, experience, and expertise we have been very successful in helping clients to get embarrassing pictures and videos, such as intimate images (nudes), removed from websites where they have been posted without the owner’s consent.


Sometimes, pictures and/or videos that were meant to stay private can become public and very visible by search engines like Google.  This can become very stressful and have significant consequences emotionally, psychologically, physically and socially. Let us help you to alleviate these challenges and minimize possible future consequences by getting non-consensually posted pictures, and/or videos, that you own the copyright to taken down.


As an added bonus, when you hire us, we will also provide you with information on:


  • How to manage and monitor your online presence starting the day you connect with us for help.

  • How to use a system of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will help you take control of the first and second page of Google. This will help to push down embarrassing or offensive content that has been posted by others, which may not be able to be removed.

  • Check to see if picture(s) and/or video(s) has been indexed elsewhere online.

  • If needed, provide you with lawyer(s) references to help with any civil court remedies that you may want to consider where reasonable to do so.



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Our Primary Goal

Does the search of a candidate’s Social Media show that the applicant has been recently and directly involved in conduct, that if repeated as an employee of the company, could result in a material detrimental impact upon the company’s interest and/or reputation

We Do Not

  • Collect irrelevant information 

  • Collect information that would violate the BC Human Rights Code specific to “Discrimination in employment”

  • Provide information specific to any third parties associated to the prospective employee, volunteer or candidate located on the Internet

  • Ask the employer to provide the passwords of any candidate's Social Networks

  • Attempt to seek, or bypass privacy setting, to access protected information


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Darren is fully licensed under the BC Security Services Act to conduct online investigations of third parties. Many others who do similar type work in the Province ARE NOT.   If you are looking for a company, or individual, who advertise they conduct background checks online of Third Parties, make sure that they have certified training to do so, as well as a valid license under the BC Security Services Act

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