Internet Background Checks

Get More Informed About Future and Current Employees

Internet Background Checks


Get More Informed About Future and Current Employees


There is much much more to doing a background check than just using Google. Those individuals or companies that are conducting such online background checks, could actually be violating B.C.’s Personal Information and Protection of Privacy Act, BC Security Services Act and the B.C. Human Rights Code. 


"Recognize that any information collected about individuals is personal information or employee personal information and is subject to privacy laws, whether or not the information is publicly available online or whether it is online but subject to limited access as a result of privacy settings or other restrictions.” OIPC May 2017 


Our digital background checks are designed to help employers screen prospective employees, volunteers and candidates during the hiring process, thus reducing potential hiring risks.  Our comprehensive online research mitigates hiring risks by collecting available and relevant personal information about a subject via open sources located on the Internet. This information can then be used to validate a candidate’s education and employment history provided in a resume, or even to help validate answers that a candidate provides during an initial interview. 


When conducting our Digital Background Checks, we ensure that we comply with "Guidelines for Social Media Background Checks”published by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commisioner for British Columbia in May 2017:


What we do is more than just a basic Google search, our team use their skills as Advanced Open Source Intelligence Police Investigators to locate relevant information about hiring candidates, that may be “publicly” found in both the light and deep web, something that a plain Google search alone can’t do. 

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Our Primary Goal

Does the search of a candidate’s Social Media show that the applicant has been recently and directly involved in conduct, that if repeated as an employee of the company, could result in a material detrimental impact upon the company’s interest and/or reputation

We Do Not

  • Collect irrelevant information 

  • Collect information that would violate the BC Human Rights Code specific to “Discrimination in employment”

  • Provide information specific to any third parties associated to the prospective employee, volunteer or candidate located on the Internet

  • Ask the employer to provide the passwords of any candidate's Social Networks

  • Attempt to seek, or bypass privacy setting, to access protected information


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Darren is fully licensed under the BC Security Services Act to conduct online investigations of third parties. Many others who do similar type work in the Province ARE NOT.   If you are looking for a company, or individual, who advertise they conduct background checks online of Third Parties, make sure that they have certified training to do so, as well as a valid license under the BC Security Services Act

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