Book of Laws

Guiding Principles and Standards


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We don’t just teach online safety and digital literacy, we live it.

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We actively support and guide schools, businesses, students, and parents during critical incidents

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Members are trained, skilled, and experienced on the subject they speak to

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We work and consult with other industry experts


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We are consistently training and educating ourselves on the latest tools and techniques in the industry

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Our presentation and education services are backed equally by our team’s real-world experiences

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When at all possible we bring our own equipment, ensuring technology compatibility and the same level of quality experience wherever we travel

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We strive to maintain and improve our standards from the awards and recognitions we have been granted


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We never have and never will shame, out, or embarrass those we help

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We address both the positive and less than desirable aspects of what we teach

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We educate on content that is backed by peer-reviewed research and supported by our own team experiences

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We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, faith, ability, or sexual orientation and gender identity


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We provide consistent outreach and support for students, parents, and teachers, regardless of the matter

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We engage in meaningful ways online by providing free resources for students, parents, teachers, and businesses to learn from

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We actively remain engaged in the communities we are invited into

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We are a for-profit company, striving to do well, by doing good things for others in our community and beyond