Vault App Detect Apple iOS iCloud Method

Open your device

This method will work on any Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, IPod)

Open the App Store icon

We are going to use the App Store history tracking to determine what has been downloaded on an Apple account

App Store home screen

Select the updates icon

Although is says updates, under this option we can view all downloads

The updates page

Select the purchased option

The purchases screen

Here you will be able to select what account you want to see purchases from. In most situations you may only see “My Purchases.” Also note, you might also see other people’s accounts if accounts are linked by Family sharing.

Select my purchases

All downloads will display

This will include apps that have been purchased and downloaded for free. You can differentiate between every download and apps not currently on the device

Pay attention to the names of the apps listed. Look for any words that are secretive such as “secret” “vault” “decoy” “spy” “safe” “private”

Pay attention to the icons

The cloud icon means the app has been downloaded before but is no longer currently on the device. The “OPEN” icon means the app is currently installed on the device.

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