Our services aim to help families, schools, businesses, and professional with various complex online challenges that need more hands-on solutions

Internet, Social Media, and Device Policies

We can help you consider, improve, write, and implement an internet, social media, and device policy. This is especially important for remote workers and employees using social media.

Internet Background Checks

Our digital background checks are designed to help employers screen prospective employees, volunteers and candidates during the hiring process, thus reducing potential hiring risks.  Our comprehensive online research mitigates hiring risks by collecting available and relevant personal information about a subject via open sources located on the Internet. This information can then be used to validate a candidate’s education and employment history provided in a resume, or even to help validate answers that a candidate provides during an initial interview. 

Virtual Consulting

we offer the ability to conduct “live” online consultations, using a variety of video platforms, where you can interact with Darren or Brandon face-to-face via real-time video conferencing from your own home or office.

Personal Digital Dossier Audit

This audit will provide business professionals, students, and athletes with a comprehensive online background search available on the market today. What we do is more than just a basic Google search, we use our skills as an Advanced Open Source Intelligence Investigators and policing experience, to apply online search techniques and tools to locate information about you, that may be publicly found by others, in both the light and dark web, something that a plain Google search alone can’t do.

Digital Media Copyright Takedown Service

Are there pictures and/or videos that you were the creator or author of, that were obtained or stolen by others, and then posted online without your consent, then we may be able to help get them taken down.

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