Complete Privacy & Security Workshop

Complete Privacy & Security Wrokshop

Complete Privacy & Security

Complete Privacy & Security Workshop

This 5-hour, in-depth workshop session is designed for adults and teens of 13 years of age and older. It covers all the security and privacy concerns that affect individuals today. It involves a mixture of both lecture and step-by-step training that will be used as a method of instruction. This covers everything in our Cybersecurity Workshops Part 1 and 2! Some of the topic covered include:


  •       Mobile security

  •       Desktop and laptop security

  •       Software security solutions

  •       Behavioural security solutions

  •       Data protection

  •       Intrusion tactics

  •       Risk mitigation

  •       Geolocation functions

  •       Online reputation management

  •       Privacy tools

  •       Malware and viruses

  •       Tracking mitigation


Be sure to bring your laptop, smartphone, and tablet all charged up and ready to go. This program is designed to provide demonstrative walkthroughs for implementing software and best practices. Instead of just telling participants what to do, they will be shown what to do and encouraged follow, test, and ask questions along the way. Capacity per session is limited in order to provide the most efficient teaching environment. Wi-Fi access will be provided. The teaching space is equipped with only a few wall outlets, so be sure to have your devices charged. Participants will each have table space to work comfortably, use their devices, and take notes. Feel free to bring a water bottle; coffee or other beverages are permitted.

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Seminar Cost:

Greater Victoria

    Group Rate: $900.00 + GST

    Individual Rate $80 + GST

Outside Greater Victoria: Please CONTACT US for a quote

Class Size:

20 participants, or if hosted at our training facility max 16

We Are Community Minded:

Every year a portion of our profits are given back to the community to financially support two not-for-profit organizations who are dedicated to helping youth in need when it comes to bullying and suicide prevention; NEED2 and Bullying Ends Here. We are proud of the fact that "We are a for-profit company, striving to do well, by doing good things for others in our community.” 

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