Candace Burt

Candace joins The White Hatter team as our social media coordinator. Her extensive professional and personal experience with media, and specifically social media, distinctly direct how we implement social tools in our presentations and workshops. Her creative and strategic talents are put to use on a daily basis.


She is not afraid to experiment and try the latest tools, encouraging us to jump on the latest trends.


Being part of the first wave of proud “millennial” social media and web 2.0 users, she has continued to develop her skills to help us stay up-to-date. Her experience has included promotion, advertising, and selling products directly from platforms like Instagram.


Given her broad knowledge of online tools and behavior, her expertise is routinely called upon when undergoing online investigations. She is one of the team’s biggest mental health advocates and is a huge supporter of the mental health of students we speak to and their emotional wellbeing.

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