Back to School Internet Safety Week for Parents and Caregivers


August 17-20

6:30pm - 8:30pm PST

7:30pm - 9:30pm MDT

What You Get


4 Day Event!

Monday, August 17, 2020

Day 1 - Introduction to The Negatives Plus Positives for Kids Online, and Preparing for the 20/21 School Year

  • Overview of topics over the 4 days

  • Online predation/exploitation

  • Hate crime / radicalization

  • Pornography / hyper-sexualization

  • Unjustified public shaming

  • parental education

  • parental Participation

  • parental Communication

  • The difference between mentoring, monitoring, and spying

  • How to set up your home to make online distance learning easier

  • How to secure your home network for online learning thus increasing safety and privacy

  • Why having “structure” is important when it comes to distance online learning

  • A checklist to ensure your COVID back to school tool kit is good to go

  • How teen technology innovations can lead to jobs

  • How teen technology innovations can lead to awards

  • How teen technology innovations can lead to positive world change

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Day 2 - Exploitation and Sexting

  • What are the current challenges

  • What are the social media platforms that predators are attracted to and why

  • The 3 types of online predators and how they operate

  • How and why online grooming takes place

  • Why understanding the online grooming process can often stop a predator in their tracks

  • A step by step real-world example of the online grooming process in action

  • My child has been targeted now what

  • Steps parents can take to help minimize the risks

  • Who and where to report what has happened

  • Teen sexting, nudes, intimate images research

  • Emotional, social, and pressure with online sexual expression

  • Laws specific to sexting

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Day 3 - Gaming Concerns, Addiction, Opportunities, Sleep Issues, Monitoring or Filtering Tools, and Family Policies

  • Problematic gameplay

  • How much is too much gameplay

  • Age appropriateness

  • Staying safe online

  • Opportunities

  • What benefits can come from gaming

  • Jobs of the future

  • Addiction

  • Prevalence

  • Research

  • Sleep deprivation concerns

  • Inhibited learning challenges

  • What parents can do to overcome these challenges

  • family communication tools

  • Hardware network controls

  • Decoy and vault app detection

  • Family agreements

  • “due diligence” report

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Day 4 - Oversharing by Family, Leveraging the Internet, Open Q&A

  • How parents are unknowingly becoming the genesis of creating a child’s digital dossiers

  • How these digital dossiers are now becoming very searchable, at times very problematic later in your child’s life

  • What you as a parent can do to prevent this from happening

  • What is your digital dossier

  • How to see what universities and employers will learn about you online. It’s more than just doing a Google search

  • Why what you post online can have consequences, both negative and positive, when applying to a university or for an employment opportunity

  • Why students need to move from a “nothing to hide” attitude, to a “something to show” mindset specific to their social media

  • How to impress university and job recruiters using social media

  • Why first impressions are lasting impressions

  • What are universities and employers looking for in your social media, and how to positively brand yourself online

  • How to C.L.E.A.N your digital dossier

  • How to ensure you control what future employer or university will see about you online

  • How to leverage the first page of Google with what you want universities and employers to see about you

  • The 7 platforms you need to utilize to control your online branding

  • How to monitor and manage your online reputation

  • Any remaining questions

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