Brandon Laur, M.G.C., M.A.

Executive Manager & Instructor

Brandon Laur holds a Masters degree in Professional Communication. His undergraduate degree is in Sociology, with a minor in Technology and Society. Brandon's background is a varied assortment of academic studies and professional work placements.  His profession and passion is functioning as a cybersecurity specialist and privacy advocate. Brandon has been employed with The White Hatter and Personal Protection Systems for the last 12 years starting all the way back to when he was ten years old assisting with lectures that thoroughly educated students on approaches to remain safe on the school grounds and in the community. Since May 2013, Brandon has been operating in a management position that oversees special project developments and is currently administrating and contributing to the corporate blog and resource page that provides clients and public visitors relevant security information. In grade 9, with all the technological advancements at the time, Brandon began experimenting with the white hat hacker culture. It was then that the company began offering educational services to address some of the concerns Brandon had been discovering. Today, cybersecurity and privacy is the primary focus of the business, largely in part due to Brandon’s interests and research. Now, Brandon’s primary occupational role is also a diverse variety of responsibilities in the online security field. Brandon overlooks operational and logistical aspects of Personal Protection Systems technological assets. Brandon also actively facilitates educational programs designed for students of all ages, parents, senior citizens, and business professionals. Brandon’s real-world experience as a young adult using social media and the internet has played a major role in the development of all internet and social media safety programs offered by The White Hatter & Personal Protection Systems.

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Brandon's Achievements

British Columbia Medal of Good Citizenship

The recognition comes, in part, from the life-changing and sometimes lifesaving social media safety presentations or workshops hundreds of thousands of students have attended across North America, but especially here in BC. More importantly, this award recognizes the community support we provide outside of our business hours and presentations many of you have seen. We help students, teachers, parents, and other adults in need, both online and offline, who find themselves in uncertain or dangerous circumstances – whether it be a phone call at 3:00 am or a subtle invitation for an intervention in a message on Instagram. Using our combined team expertise, we will always do our best in providing guidance and support well beyond any single presentation you may experience with us.

As an organization, our passion and pride are in the community work we do. Certainly, this accomplishment could not have been achieved alone. The countless students and others who have contacted us online or via phone seeking help for themselves or help for a friend in a dangerous circumstance are all past recipients of this award. Our community, The White Hatter Nation, is an enormous component of the backbone in what it is we do and it’s often a resource we can call upon in a time of need.

Masters Degree

Graduated in 2018 with a Masters degree in Professional Communication. Brandon's thesis research focused on phishing, one of the primary method of scams and manipulation online. Part of his research involved interviews with active information security practitioners and an analysis of the ways phishing is researched and understood in the news media.

BC Social Innovation Youth Award

The BC Government & Radius SFU awarded Brandon, with the 2017 BC Social Innovations Youth Award for his work and advocacy with youth, tweens, teens, and adults in the areas of Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy

Derek K Miller Award

Most inspiring social media user for our unique working the area of Internet and Social Media Safety both here in Canada and the USA.

Open Source Intelligence Investigator

Trained and experienced in the collection and analysis of online available information for the purposes of conducting investigations. Received training from both academically accredited insinuations and industry experts such as BCIT, IntelTechniques, and Toddington International. This works involves deep and dark web information collecting involving both overt and covert methods.

Sociology Degree

Graduated in 2016.

Brandon’s other passion is studying interpersonal communication through digital mediums. Academically, Brandon recognized a need to adopt the social sciences in the analysis of security, not just solely relying on computer sciences and engineering. In Brandon’s experience, cybersecurity is not all about firewalls and antiviruses. A considerable part of security and privacy is the human and social factor, including the communication components of security, both proactive and reactive. From a privacy standpoint, communication is the sole element in that field of study, from policy analysis to the implementation of systems that mediate private communication. Without communication, these issues would not exist. Recent research projects that Brandon has participated in include social norm development in virtual environments, digital biopower, internet addiction, disinhibition, technological vulnerabilities in the medical industry, and social network capital.

Technology & Society

Received from the University of Victoria in 2016 the Technology & Society program explores engagement with technological change and its rapid transformation of contemporary society. In a global culture driven forward by dramatic developments in technology, no aspect of politics, culture, and society is left undisturbed. designed to critically engage in the formal exploration, understanding and critical assessment of technological change in a wired and wireless world. Throughout the program, Brandon routinely explored the security and privacy implications of new technology on our society

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