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Parenting In An Online World: Internet Safety, Security, Privacy, and Digital Literacy
Parenting In An Online World: Internet S

By Darren Laur


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Topics covered include:


- The Bad

- The Good

- Why Are Teens So Attracted To Social Media

- Online Safety, Security, Privacy, and Digital Literacy

- Reducing Online Risks

- Online Parenting Strategies

- Deciphering Memes, What to Make of The Inside Jokes of The Internet

- Online Gaming

- Smartphones

- Online Filtering And Monitoring Hardware And Software

- Digital Peer Aggression (Cyberbullying)

- Online Sexual Predation And Exploitation 

- Teaching Older Teens How To Be Their Own Online Detective

- Online Pornography And Hypersexualization

- Intimate Images, Nudes, Sexting and Sugaring

- Reporting a Digital Crime: What to Expect from The Police

- Vaping

- An Onlife Road Map For Parents


Plus much more including video interviews with various experts, case studies that we have been involved in, parenting tips, and valuable resources throughout!

Total Awareness: A Woman's Safety Book

By Darren and Beth Laur


Total Awareness provides realistic and simple strategies to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. The book lays to rest many of the myths surrounding personal and sexual assault. It provides common-sense tactics to help you plan for your safety, as well as preventative measures for a variety of situations on the street or at home. Topics covered include:

- date rape

- sexual assault drugs

- GHB, roofies
- automobile safety and road rage
- travel safety (hotels, airports, taxicabs)
- home invasions
- avoiding an assault if confronted
- the surprising facts on pepper spray
- stalking and criminal harassment
- overcoming the paralyzing fear response
- the Canadian Criminal Code and your rights

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