Connect Using BlueJeans

Privacy is important to us when it comes to conducting online consultations and because of this fact, The White Hatter utilizes a product called BlueJeans. This video conferencing tool allows us to have a more secure and private digital environment that in most cases you will not need to download anything onto your laptop or computer (PC or Mac), given that it is a web browser based in its application. However, if using a mobile device such as an Android phone, iPad or iPhone you will be required to download the BlueJeans app onto your device first, but they don’t sell any information to a third party not associated with the workings of the app We directly purchase to use this service.

  • If you are going to connect with us using a laptop or desktop computer, in most cases there is nothing that you will have to do on your end.  We will send you a link, and all you have to do is click on it and the session will open on your screen.  You will just need to make sure that your camera and microphone are on, and this function and their icons can be located on the top of the BlueJeans window when you sign in

BlueJean webcam.png

To connect via a web-browser:

BlueJeans Desktop.png

To connect via a computer app:

BlueJeans mobile.png