Two Factor Authentication

What Is It?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security used to protect user accounts beyond the traditional username and password. Typically, when logging into a service with 2FA enabled after the username and password is submitted a prompt will emerge asking for a unique string of charterers and numbers before account access is granted. Most common 2FA is the text message sent to a mobile phone. Thereby only knowing the account username, password, and physical possession of the user's phone will allow access.


-Easy to Medium difficulty-

2FA setup can be done in various ways. Put simply there are two options, software or text. In the software option you download an app that provides an access code. The texting option will send a text to your phone with the access code when trying to log into an account. (some services only have one option)

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Why Use It?

This adds an additional layer of security to accounts that allow this function. In addition, 2FA can work as a warning signal. If your accounts are been targeted you will receive a notification to input a 2FA code, when you haven’t tried to log in yourself you will know this is an attack.


  • You must allways have your 2FA source on you at all times. However, given the addication to our mobile phones this is an unliklyhood.

  • Using SMS text method requires providing your phone number, which can be a privacy concern (although, the security benefit is much greater)

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